Grand jury issues indictments

Friday, August 31, 2007

About two months ago a 17-year-old boy told Marshall County sheriff's officers that he helped his uncle water the uncle's marijuana plants. Last week the uncle was indicted on charges for allegedly growing pot and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

However, Steve Van Grishom, 42, of 6509 Delina Road wasn't indicted for allegedly corrupting the nephew, according to court records. It's for allegedly letting a minor drink an alcoholic beverage on his property. And during that time in early June, a minor was taken to the Marshall County Medical Center for treatment.

Grishom was indicted on Aug. 22. An indictment does not mean the defendant is guilty. It's simply the conclusion of 12 grand jurors that there's probable cause to take the case toward trial in circuit court.

Four marijuana plants were allegedly found growing in pots across the street from Grishom's residence, according to records in the defendant's case file. Grishom's girlfriend and nephew both said the plants belonged to him, the record alleges.

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