Lewisburg extending, rehabilitating sewers

Friday, August 31, 2007

Blasting and drilling holes for explosives have begun along Old Belfast Road where a 4,200-foot sewer extension is to be laid by a city contractor being paid $237,300, according to the Lewisburg Water and Wastewater Department.

"We had bids as high as $90 per foot so we rejected all bid, negotiated with R&J Construction of La Vergne, and came up with $56.50 per foot, including the drilling," Superintendent Larry E. Jones said of the cost for the project that's just begun.

"We will have up to 15 new customers," Jones said of the sewer extension. "And we're going to upgrade fire protection out there next year. This is brought about by an old annexation of land," he explained Wednesday. "There comes a time that you put it in."

Some places in Lewisburg don't have sewer service, but are served well by septic tanks, he said.

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