MOMs speaking at Cornersville High School

Friday, September 7, 2007
Read more about Moms on a Mission on Monday, Sept. 10 in the Marshall County Shopper.

Moms on a Mission are speaking at Cornersville High School next week, in part, to remember terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 six years ago.

"We're going Monday," said Barb Blackmore, one of the leaders of the group that keeps track of Marshall County residents serving in the U.S. military.

Blackmore and Lisa Jackson will be encouraging students during an assembly "to support our soldiers," Blackmore said. "We'll also tell them how they can help us support our soldiers.

"We're going to give addresses so they can write letters and send cards," she said. "And if there's a box we want to send, they may want to help contribute to that" by helping to pay for postage.

"And we want to make sure they know how much soldiers appreciate receiving something from the people," Blackmore said.

She and Sandy Wakham started Moms on a Mission when their sons, Cliff Blackmore and Chris Wakham, were deployed to Iraq and Afganistan in 2006. They're now deployed elsewhere.

A more complete description of Moms on a Mission will appear in a special section of the Marshall County Shopper, a sister publication of the Marshall County Tribune that's distributed on Mondays.