Federal funding reaches Marshall for home repairs

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Approximately 35 Marshall County residents were told on Monday evening how they may get help paying for improvements to their homes through a federally funded program.

"Twelve to 15 homes usually get fixed," said Joe Evans, a housing specialist with the South Central Tennessee Development District based in Columbia. "It depends on the condition of the houses."

Qualification for the program depends on the applicants' income; whether they own the house or have a mortgage; length of residency; and, among other factors, payment of current property taxes, Evans said.

"I think I just got kicked out when they said flood zone," said Peggy Beard. "Verona is in the flood zone. I don't flood, but I'm in Verona."

Debbie Rhodes of West Cedar Street said she's hoping to qualify to have repairs or replacements for her floors, windows and two bathrooms.

Evans was introduced by Marshall County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett, who said the Three Star Housing Committee has worked toward landing the grant to help low-income residents.

In Marshall County, that means household incomes of the following amounts, or less for homes where the size of the family is as follows: One person, $29,850; Two, $34,100; Three, $38,400; Four, $42,650; Five, $46,050; Six, $49,450; Seven, $52,900; and Eight people, $56,300.

"I wish I could say we had enough money to fund every project, but we don't," Liggett said. "The Three Star Committee will review the applications before they're forwarded [to the development district office in Columbia] for funding."