Pulaski woman pleads guilty in murder case with TennCare fraud

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Christy R. Corbin

A Pulaski woman has pleaded guilty to second degree murder and TennCare fraud since she provided methadone to a man who died from an overdose, officials say.

Christy R. Corbin, 34, had been charged with trading her methadone, prescribed by a TennCare-paid doctor, to a man in exchange for an illegal cable connection at her home.

Joshua Paul Hood died after taking the methadone inside Corbin's home. Nearly 11 hours passed before she contacted police.

Tennessee's Office of Inspector General (OIG) on Monday announced Corbin's conviction in Giles County Circuit Court where she pleaded guilty to second degree murder, TennCare fraud and attempting to obtain drugs by fraud. District Attorney Mike Bottoms prosecuted Corbin, who was sentenced to eight years in prison.