Thanks to unselfish teenagers

Saturday, September 29, 2007

To the editor:

I am a guidance counselor at Westwood Junior High School in Manchester. On Saturday, Sept. 22, two of my friends and I were riding our ATVs at Wooly's Off Road near Lewisburg. After we had loaded our ATVs at the end of the day, we drove off not realizing that I had foolishly left my wallet on top of my truck. At I-65, one of my friends wanted to stop at the convenience market and wash off, so I pulled off. Immediately after we stopped, a car carrying three young ladies pulled up beside us. They told me they had been driving behind us several miles back and had seen a wallet fall from the truck, and that money had come flying out of it all over the road. These girls had hurriedly stopped, gathered up the wallet and the money, and proceeded to catch up to us.

In a world where we often look for the negative in our teenagers, I just wanted to tell these three young ladies again how much I appreciate their efforts to see that the billfold was returned. It would have been a lot simpler for them to have just kept the billfold, which contained more than $700, but they chose to be honest and go beyond the call of duty for me. I will be forever grateful to Allison Johnson, Rian Wright and Jessica King for their honesty and integrity. Marshall County has every reason to be proud of these young ladies.

Gordon Matthews