Saturday, September 29, 2007

To the editor:

I remember our second grade teacher, Mrs. Edwards, having us study about birds and showing us pictures of birds. One day, toward the end of the term, she asked us to write the name of our favorite bird and hand it in. Someone asked her what she would write, but she chose not to tell us for fear it would influence our selection. I wrote "Robin", probably the only one I could spell. Years later, I have seen the dates when various Tennessee state symbols have been adopted. I noticed that our state bird was named the same year I was in second grade. Noting this has made me wonder about several things. Does anyone else remember casting his vote on any for these symbols? Were only second graders given this power? Is this the way all our symbols are selected? Who picked the iris? The raccoon? Now, watching a magnificent mockingbird who had lost one leg in a trap intended for varmints learn to stand on that leg at the top of our tree and sing so all the world can hear him, I can only be happy my Robin vote was null and void.

Mary Farley