'Post Offices on Wheels' will keep us connected

Saturday, September 29, 2007

You probably have seen your rural letter carrier at work, driving alongside the road, mailbox-to-mailbox, picking up and delivering the mail. Today, America's rural letter carriers serve more than 33 million addresses coast to coast. Not just homes and farms, either, but office buildings, apartment complexes, and shopping malls

But what you may not have seen is the wide range and high quality of the products and services they provide. In addition to picking up and delivering your mail, rural letter carriers:

Pick up and deliver parcels, and Priority Mail and Express Mail items, sell stamps and money orders. Accept and deliver Registered Mail, Certified Mail and Insured Mail items and accept payment for Collect on Delivery (COD) packages.

If you would like to order stamps, postal cards or stamped envelopes, just ask your rural letter carrier for a Stamp Purchase Envelope. This bright orange envelope will be filled with the stamps you order and delivered to you.

If you give your rural letter carrier your written authorization, he or she will leave oversized parcels at your mailbox or other location, weather permitting, so you don't have to come to the Lewisburg Post Office. Or you can call and they will redeliver packages or other items requiring your signature.

In Lewisburg, we have 11 rural route carriers that do an outstanding job. The territory that our carriers cover is as far north to Chapel Hill and we even carry the mail into neighboring Maury and Bedford counties.

And they deliver the mail to you in all kinds of weather conditions…from extreme heat to bitter cold.

Rural letter carriers serve the farthest regions of our nation. They are proud to deliver for you.

It is just another example of how the Lewisburg Post Office is working for you.

Robert Wakefield is the Acting Postmaster for the Lewisburg Post Office. He can be reached at 359-3232.