Leader emerges from Lewisburg

Monday, October 8, 2007
Shelby White

He may be one of Nashville's emerging leaders, but around here many consider him a hometown boy. Shelby White, son of Barry and Cherry White of Lewisburg, recently won the Nashville Emerging Leader Award for the field of public relations, advertising and marketing.

"His dad and I are very proud of him. He's achieved a lot in Nashville, we think," says Cherry White. She says the other people who were nominated in his category were much older. Shelby White turned 30 just after winning the award.

White was in the Marshall county school system until 7th grade. He later graduated from Battle Ground Academy and the University of Mississippi. Since living in Nashville he has worked for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and currently works for Siegenthaler Public Relations.

"The ability to effect change in a positive way here in Nashville is really important to me." says White. We're involved in a lot of meaningful projects here and across the country. Whether it's building a 70-story skyscraper in Nashville or promoting environmental stewardship with the Natural Resources Defense Council, we're making positive changes all over the place."

Shelby White lives in Nashville with his wife Melanie and 3-year-old daughter Vaiden.