Bondsman ruled against

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chapel Hill's town judge has ruled against a Lewisburg-based bail bondsman, ordering him to pay fines and costs for operating a transient business without a permit during the annual Lions Club tractor pull in July.

Michael Farrar sought a transient business permit and that provided a reason for Judge Bill Haywood's ruling issued Friday. The judge asked if Farrar thought he was exempt from having a transient business license, why did he apply?

His application was denied after discussion with Town Administrator Mike Hatten and Mayor Carl Cooper. Farrar claims his application was accepted, but then altered as denied. He's described the chain of events as a "shakedown" by the city, allegedly on behalf of the service club that raises money for the community, in part, by renting space to vendors who want to profit from sales to the thousands of people attending the event.

Farrar contemplated renting space from the Lions at Forrest High School during the event for $500, but found that for $100 he could rent a resident's front yard located at the end of the track, thereby obtaining an advantageous location for less money.

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