Horse died in spite of arrangements

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Marshall County man accused of cruelty to animals made arrangements for others to feed his horses in a pasture near Chapel Hill during last summer's heat, according to witnesses he has ready for a trial in about two months.

And yesterday, Marshall County General Sessions Court Judge Steve Bowden announced that Derrick Ulmer's witnesses must return on Dec. 18 when he will preside over the case brought as a result of two citations issued by the Sheriff's Department.

"We were ready for trial," Ulmer's attorney, J. Russell Parkes of Columbia, said shortly after Judge Bowden's announcement. "The state was without two witnesses today. They anticipated a preliminary hearing."

Ulmer, 38, of Eagleville Pike, is named in two citations: One in May alleges cruelty to animals; the other in early August arose after one of his 20 horses died, allegedly of malnutrition.

As Bowden granted a continuance this week, two of Ulmer's witnesses explained their view of the situation while seated in the courtroom.

Felicia Beasley of the Marshall Farmers Co-op prepared sales tickets for hay purchased by Ulmer.

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