Three teens accused of pellet gun shootings

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three teenagers were taken into custody Saturday night in Chapel Hill where the police chief says they were accused of shooting two people with air pistols that fire plastic pellets.

No injury other than a bruise was reported, but the teens were taken to the Marshall County Jail where William Hunter, 18, 4506 Polaris Drive, Chapel Hill, was held in lieu of $23,500 bond, Police Chief Jackie King said.

Hunter was one of two passengers in a Chevrolet driven by a 17-year-old Chapel Hill boy. The other passenger was a 16-year-old Chapel Hill boy. Youth Services officers took the juveniles that night from the county jail to a juvenile facility in Shelbyville because Marshall County doesn't have such a facility.

Each of the three had a pellet gun powered by compressed carbon dioxide, Chief King said Monday. The shiny gray plastic pistols are shaped like an automatic handgun. They look similar to King's service weapon.

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