Octoberfest hits the square

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If you missed the Lewisburg Lions Club Pancake Breakfast and Octoberfest festivities held this weekend on the Lewisburg Square, you may be the only one. The crowds came early and stayed late to mill around the square purchasing gifts from vendors and watching the entertainment on the stage in front of the Dixie Theatre.

Folks lined the street to hear the musical styling of the Boys Down the Road, who kicked off the entertainment at 8 a.m. They were followed by a group of dance students from Lewisburg Recreation Center. The entertainment continued all day long with different musical acts and the scheduled ending of the Little Mister and Miss Octoberfest contest, the introduction of the Junior Miss Lewisburg contestants and then Kayla Jackiewicz. It was a fun-filled day of entertainment on the main stage.

The vendors were selling everything from food items and chainsaw carvings to tennis shoes and spray art posters. Zack Owen, a former student at MCHS, set up beside the Marshall County Tribune tent to exhibit his talent with the chainsaw. It you thought his work was "knot art" then you were correct. He fired up his chainsaw and took it to some tree trunks to show passers-by just how his art was made.

And you certainly can't leave out the Pancake and Sausage breakfast cooked by the Lions Club. It is billed as an "All you can eat" breakfast, and patrons are never refused their second, third, fourth helping or more. But it has been some time since anyone has tested the limits of this motto.

While talking to Lions Club member Jack Miller he related the story from years ago of just such a man. "He came up and asked two or three times if we really meant 'all you can eat,' and we told him yes," said Miller. "How many pancakes he ate that day, I don't know. But he did eat 26 or 27 sausages for sure." The number of sausages stuck out to Miller because the man had told them his doctor, Dr. Porch, had told the man he had high blood pressure.

"At that time everyone knew what a big Tennessee Vols fan Dr. Porch was, so we told the man we hoped he had another doctor after eating so many sausage patties because Dr. Porch wouldn't be back in town before Sunday."

Last year, the breakfast chefs cooked about 2,000 sausage patties and 1,000 plates of pancakes before changing over to lunchtime cuisine and cooking 440 hamburgers. This year the breakfast numbers were estimated to be even higher. By 10 a.m. it was said they had already surpassed last year's numbers, and they still had another hour or so of pancake cooking left.

Another successful year for Octoberfest has come and gone. Be sure to mark your calendars on the first weekend in October next year so you don't miss the fun and festivities.