OGES students are "Finding Treasures through Reading"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Oak Grove students exited the AR program under a canopy of swords as the OGES Pirates encouraged them to read.

Arrrr, matey, reading is an adventure!

That's the message presented during the Accelerated Reading (AR) program kick-off at Oak Grove Elementary School. With the theme "Finding Treasures through Reading," the kick-off took on a pirate feel as the cast of characters were viewed in Pirate's Cove (otherwise known as the OGES stage).

Some of Oak Grove's young buccaneers stepped up to the microphone during the program to tell the audience about their favorite books. Then, to get rid of the cranky non-reading pirates, the youngsters forced the group to "walk the plank"; therefore, declaring victory for reading.

"All joking aside," Pirate (Principal) Lynn Stacey said, "we hope you read your ARrrr books this year.

"It's very important that you take it seriously. All our teachers will work hard to help, but you have to work hard, too."

He went on to say, "Take advantage of all the time we have to read because it's very important. We encourage you to read; read more and do your best.

"Even us old pirates can learn something."