Skateboard park update

Friday, October 12, 2007

Development of a skateboard park in Lewisburg may be moving from Central Park to where the old McCord School once stood, according to a volunteer with the planning group.

"Central Park just didn't work out," said Juanne Cisne of White Drive. "They needed a larger space. Originally, it was to be outside, but somehow it got moved inside" an old school renamed Central Park.

A panel of volunteers has been meeting on how to create a place for skateboarders. In doing so it's confronted various problems beyond the size of the area for skateboarding.

"We have to raise money for insurance and to charter a non-profit organization," Cisne said.

Fundraising activities include participation at the Goats Music and More Festival.

"We can't afford a booth at the Goat Fest," Cisne said, "but we're going to be selling baked goods and balloons, water and pop at the Antique Cottage on First Avenue" while the festival is conducted.

The festival is in Rock Creek Park. The Antique Cottage is between the park and the officers of Public Defender Donna Hargrove's office.

Like others associated with the volunteer board working to develop a skateboard park, Cisne has been active because of a grandson. Hers is Nathan Feagan, 15, a sophomore at Marshall County High School.

She has another grandson who skateboards, she said, but Nathan is the one who is avid about it.

"I just want him to be safe," Cisne said. "If there was a safe street for him to do it, I wouldn't care, but there isn't."

She also wants a place to sit, like a park bench, so she may sit while she watches her grandsons and their friends ride skateboards.

"They're fantastic to watch," she said. "Sometimes I have to close my eyes because it's so scary."