Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Friday, October 19, 2007

In-patient physical therapy

To the editor:

I had bilateral knee surgery a few weeks ago. My doctor asked me where I was going when I left the hospital. I wanted to be closer to home, but didn’t want to go to the care center near home. My doctor told me about Marshall County Hospital as an in-patient for physical therapy. I was sold.

During my stay at Marshall County I received excellent care, not only from the nursing staff, but from all the different services as well. Everyone I came into contact with during my stay was very competent, but more importantly they were compassionate. You should be proud of those employees and all that they stand for.

Jackie Owens

A hot dry summer continuing

To the Editor,

The effects of the hot, dry summer are continuing to be felt, especially in the Upper Duck River Region. The National Weather Service has classified middle Tennessee and surrounding regions in drought conditions with the highest rating for a drought: Intensity D4 Drought-Exceptional.

In August, Gov. Bredesen provided a release notifying citizens that water conservation measures were needed in parts of the state.

The Tennessee Duck River Development Agency has also recently called for a voluntary reduction and requests that all water-use customers “reduce normal consumption of Essential and Domestic use by 10 percent and Non-essential use by 15 percent.”

I am also asking for your help. The Duck River Development Agency, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) are working together to manage the situation. We all can help by cutting back on our water use.

As of last week the water levels in the Normandy Reservoir were continuing to drop. This week’s rain is a welcome sight and can only help the situation, but we have a long way to go. The Duck River Agency will be conducting their quarterly board meeting next week. I, along with many other elected officials, will be there to hear an update on the situation.

A number of officials are working to ensure that you know what is going on. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 1-800-449-8366 ext. 11066.

Jim Tracy

Still a Tiger fan

To the editor:

Marshall County High School has just finished up homecoming week. Although it was not a complete “fun-filled” week as the students had 9-week tests on Monday and Tuesday, the remainder of the fun-filled week was great. The other schools in Lewisburg did not get to participate other than to watch the parade " Oak Grove from the LMS campus, Marshall Elementary from their own campus, and West Hills at the Merihil Health Care Center. They enjoyed seeing the queen and her attendants/escorts and decorated cars. The cars/trucks in the parade were decorated with the theme of homecoming and the students had a great time decorating them. I thought the queen’s float was the prettiest we have had in several years, and this can be credited to Ms. Betsy Gentry who was in charge of it, and she had some excellent help. The attendants were beautiful, and their escorts were handsome. The MCHS Pride of the Laird band did a great job leading the parade even though they have had three band directors in the last four years. They kept the crowd motivated. Ms. Kim Anderson and Ms. Linda Prince, with the help of the student council and other faculty members, did an awesome job of putting it all together and making it work beautifully. The parade started at MCHS and ended on the west side of the historic Marshall County Courthouse where the MCHS cheerleaders led a rousing pep rally. Ms. Elise Dumser and the MCHS Chorus did a beautiful job with the alma mater and National Anthem on the night of the game. We have an awesome school chorus that most any school in the state should be envious of. The football game was great as we won by a big majority. The MCHS football squad has really come together under new head coach Don Thomas and his coaching staff. The team has had a hard time " especially the seniors " as they, like the band, have had to adjust to three head coaches in the past four years. But the team has adjusted great. Of course the game was played on famous Preston Hopkins Field, affectionately known as “the Hop.” The field was named for the late Preston Hopkins who was mayor of Lewisburg at one time. It has served our athletics well as has not cost Marshall County taxpayers anything, as the City of Lewisburg gave the entire complex to the Board of Education years ago. The poles the lights are on were replaced a few years back, but the city paid for the new poles and for the installation of them. An excellent homecoming week for MCHS and kudos to the faculty, staff and everyone else who made homecoming a memorable success.

A note of thanks to those who lined the streets from MCHS up to and around the square to watch the parade. It was a beautiful day for a parade. Lewisburg enjoys a grand parade and this one was grand.

Betty B. Bigger