You could be the next Marshall County Idol

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Marshall County Idol, presented by the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce, is a singing competition for kids ages 12-15 to be held at 5 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the Lewisburg Middle School auditorium.

Deadline for registration will be Nov. 2 at 4 p.m.

Contestants must be between ages of 12-15 years of age, must pay a $10 audition fee and must come prepared with a list of four songs from which they will sing during the competition. Karaoke will provide songs. If any of the songs a contestant brings is not available by Karaoke, contestant will be asked to choose another song.

Songs must not contain any foul language, explicit content or any other objectionable content. Songs should be audience appropriate. Any contestant that attempts to sing a song with foul language, explicit content or any other objectionable content will have the microphone cut off, and will be escorted from the building and immediately disqualified from competition.

Contestants will be judged by audience applause during audition round. Any perceived ties in the voting will be judged by a panel of Chamber of Commerce board of directors to complete the final top 10 contestants.

(If ten or less contestants register to compete, audition round will not be held and the top 10 competition will commence)

Contestants who reach the top 10 must pay an additional $25 entry fee.

Contestants may pay entry fees themselves or they can get a sponsor chosen from the list of Marshall County Chamber of Commerce members. Sponsors will be announced during each performance of contestant.

All entries are non-refundable.

Contestants must register, pay their $10 entry fee, have their list of four songs and the name of their sponsor (if they have one) by Nov. 2 at 4 p.m.

Audience members will pay $5 to view the competition and to vote. Audience members will vote by applause during audition phase and vote by ballot during the top 10 portion.

Ballot boxes will be made for each of the top 10 contestants and audience members will receive pens and paper on which to vote for their favorite. Only one vote during top 10 phase after which 5 contestants will be eliminated. The top 5 will perform again and audience members will be allowed to vote only once following the top 5 performances.

At this time, the final five contestants will be announced from fourth runner-up up to the winner who will perform one last time to end the show.

Celebrity judges will be on hand to give their opinions of performances of the top 10 but will not be voting.

Any chamber member who would like to be a sponsor for the event is welcomed and encouraged to do so.

The Marshall County Idol Winner will be the featured performer at next year’s Miss Marshall County pageant, the Junior Miss Marshall County Pageant and will perform on the youth stage at next year’s Goats, Music and More Festival. (Winner may also be asked to perform at other chamber events or other community events in which the chamber is involved.)