Farm Bureau Women’s annual County-wide Farm Day held

Friday, October 19, 2007
Ranger Shane Petty, shown with his trail dog Raif, explains the process of finding lost people.

The Dairy Research and Education Center (Dairy Experiment Station) was abuzz with activity Friday, Sept. 28 as the Farm Bureau Women hosted the annual County-wide Farm Day for Marshall County’s fourth graders.

The day began early as more than 400 students and teachers from Chapel Hill, Cornersville, Westhills, and Oak Grove departed their buses at 8:30 a.m. From that point, volunteers gathered students in groups to tour the different “stations.”

Exhibitors included Molly and Wendell Phifer with beef cows, Kim and Jane Caulfield with sheep and a spinning wheel, Ranger Shane Petty and his trailing dog, Connie Nichols with goats, Dr. Ray Wakefield speaking on milk cows, Tommy Owens, Richard Williams and Jerry Mann with the Forestry Department, Marcella Spence talking about gardening, B.D. Spence had a few magic tricks while speaking about chickens, Susan Hunter and Mandy Silvey representing the USDA Service Center provided fun and games, and Rick Skillington (Agriculture Extension Agent) and Henry Dowlen and staff of the Dairy Research and Education Center explained what goes on in operating the farm.

Volunteering their time to the help during the event were Jason Gillespie of Young Farmers and Ranchers, RoseMary Heaton, Briana Strasser, Tommy and Peggy Warden, Mike and Fay Collins, Wynona Clark (chairman of Farm Bureau Women), Elizabeth Collins (co-chair Ag in the Classroom), Joyce Helton, Jo Ann Wauford, Pallen Jordan, Dawn Elza, Hayley Price, and Sabrina Woody.

“We sure appreciate having a place like the center and the staff who run it to conduct a tour,” stated Elizabeth Collins. “A special thanks goes to Gilbert Hunter who arranged for the delicious Purity milk, and to Steve Evans with Dairy Farmers of America.”