Moms on a Mission prepares for the holidays

Friday, November 2, 2007
Heather (Franklin) Ames and Donald Blackall are both from Marshall Co. and actually from different bases but ended up in Iraq together. They are both Paralegals in the military. 

Many people have asked the members of Moms on a Mission who they are and what they are all about. While the ladies feel it is difficult to put into words, the feelings behind what they are doing is clear.

"We came together to support each other, and to let our soldiers know we support them," said Barb Blackmore. "The longer this conflict goes on the more we're afraid they will be forgotten."

With these ladies on the job, there is little chance of that happening.

"We came together out of a need to do something constructive instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry for ourselves," said Sandy Wakham. And what they do is send a little piece of home to Marshall County soldiers who are so many miles away from home.

It is through the generosity of the people of Marshall County that the Moms send their packages.

"People are so generous. If they hear a soldier needs something there is no shortage of people willing to get together and send it to them," said Leslie Beavers.

Wakham agreed. "We could send the necessities of life to them, but for the most part they can get those items, and there are a lot of wonderful organizations right here in Lewisburg that help provide those needs to our soldiers."

A good example of what these ladies send can be explained by the Fourth of July picnic box received by the soldiers, which included a frisbee, plates, napkins, forks, canned meat, crackers, candy and juice " stuff to have fun with, things your mother would send you.

"Hopefully, when they receive our packages they have a smile on their face and a warm place in their heart where there seems to be nothing but coldness where they are living," said Wakham.

Last year for Christmas they made sure the soldiers had a real Christmas tree. Eight soldiers from Marshall County received a live tree shipped to them to share with the rest of their troops. With the tree they also received ornaments made by local school children, tree toppers, lights, some candy and a small gift.

Some soldiers wrote to tell them that everyone gathered around the tree to smell the pine scent it gave off and that they took great care in keeping the tree alive as long as possible to remind them of home.

Although the number of soldiers on Santa's list for a tree has grown to 23 this year, the Moms are already planning to make sure they all receive one. Donations are needed to make this and future care packages a reality. If you would like to donate to Moms on a Mission you can contact Barb Blackmore at H & S Pharmacy Number 2 (359-4093), Leslie Beavers at 637-7771, Sandy Wakham at 358-1845 or Lisa Jackson at 359-4821.

"We can definitely come by and pick up a donation," said Beavers. "The reward is knowing how much each soldier appreciates the package."