FCC station applications filed for Shelbyville

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two different applications have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission to start a non-commercial FM radio station for Shelbyville at 89.9 FM, while another has been received for that same frequency but proposing to serve Cornersville.

Each of the applicants has applied for multiple radio stations nationwide. One has made it clear in its applications that it intends to use the station for religious broadcasting.

The other two do not specifically mention religious content in their FCC filings, but it's a strong possibility almost any time a non-commercial license is applied for.

Tightrope Broadcasting, the applicant which has tied its application to Cornersville, says it would "use radio broadcasting as an avenue to provide education and offer resources to the community for relevant issues such as marriage [and] divorce, family, substance abuse education, teen pregnancy, teen drinking, homelessness resources and resources for educational choice."

TBTA Ministries, which lists an address in Irondale, Ala., and Better Public Broadcasting Association, which lists an address in Seminole, Okla., have both filed for the 89.9 frequency to serve Shelbyville, while Tightrope Broadcasting Inc., which lists an address in Twin Falls, Idaho, has applied for 89.9 to serve Cornersville.

TBTA proposes to broadcast religious programs, listing the programs of James Dobson, J. Vernon McGee, Charles Colson and other well-known Christian broadcasters in its application forms.

Better Public Broadcasting, meanwhile, says its aim is "to be a conduit of local information and community involvement," and would give hands-on experience to a diverse student population interested in broadcasting. It says it would offer locally-produced programming on community concerns.

Copies of the two Shelbyville applications (TBTA Ministries and Better Public Broadcasting Association) are on file for inspection at the Argie Cooper Public Library in Shelbyville.

Any of the applications may also be viewed on the FCC's web site, www.fcc.gov/mb/cdbs.html. Click on "Application Search" in the list under the heading "Public Access," and then enter a city and state name in the search form.