Lewisburg may grow by 15 acres

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lewisburg City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to annex 15 acres for developers who want to combine that land with another 15 acres on the south side of town for a subdivision of new homes near Castano Park.

City Manager Eddie Fuller said Jeff Poarch and Cameron Coble will probably retain some of the property fronting South Ellington Parkway for commercial development between the bypass and a subdivision that's being contemplated but not named yet.

The property in question is bordered by Yell Road to the east, and Castano Park, the subdivision with Mecanico Trail to the west, where Poarch has built some homes, Fuller said.

An annexation ordinance requires three successful votes.

Poarch and Coble might develop 50-60 home-sites in the proposed subdivision, the city manager said, adding, "but they're not locked in on anything."

If the land is annexed, it would also go through the city's zoning process to classify the land as suitable for homes. Thereafter, subdivision maps would be presented to the planning commission to describe lot sizes, road configuration and other such development plans.

"The market will determine what they can build," Fuller said. "They won't build something they can't sell."

If the homes built in the proposed subdivision are similar to those nearby, the residents are probably going to be paying approximately $300 in city property taxes and $600 to the county, Fuller said. That might result in annual property tax revenue of some $49,500 for the two governments.

Poarch and Coble attended the council's meeting Tuesday night to answer any questions about the annexation that was recommended by the city's planning commission, Fuller said. There were no questions.

However, a resident who might oppose the annexation request asked Fuller about the process and the city manager said he told her that a public hearing is to be conducted on the annexation request on Dec. 11 when the council meets again.

"We'll probably conduct the hearings on annexation and zoning issues at 5:30 p.m.," the city manager said.

The 15-acre tract is the subject of two proposed ordinances, one for annexation and the other for zoning to classify the land.

Other properties considered Tuesday for zoning are to be the subject of hearings that Tuesday night next month.

They include:

* Vacant land fronting Rock Crusher Road.

The 1.65 acres were recently purchased by Yong An of the gated Governors Club development on the east side of Brentwood. An bought the land from Edward "Bubba" Tanersly and Ronald Dalton for $90,000, public records show.

The proposed rezoning of land now classified for industrial use was recommended on Oct. 30 by Lewisburg's planning commission so that it could be used for commercial purposes and combined with adjoining commercial land, according to comments among commissioners.

There has been speculation that the land on Rock Crusher Road might be developed with a restaurant. A real estate agent dealing with the property said it was purchased for land speculation and that the zoning is "housekeeping."

* Five parcels of property fronting the south side of Finley Beech Road.

Located generally across the street from Baxter Avenue's intersection with Finley Beech Road, east of Hurt Road and west of Cook Cemetery, the land is now zoned for "medium density residential' purposes.

The proposed rezoning ordinance would reclassify the land for business purposes.

In addition to accepting zoning ordinances on the first of three votes, the council voted for another rezoning ordinance on second reading. That would also rezone land on Finley Beech Road and, with the other five properties, create a strip of land for business purposes.