Alleged burglar's apology not accepted

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lewisburg Police have arrested a man who tried to apologize to the owner of a business he allegedly burglarized, but that apology wasn't accepted, the owner said late last week.

Earl Dewayne King, 43, of 745 Lunn St., is named in four arrest warrants sworn out Friday by city police Detective Santiago Mcklean for burglary and thefts at West Side Market, 445 Cedar St., and Lewisburg Eye Clinic, 435 Cedar St.

West Side Market owner Keith Clift said King came to his stores to apologize.

"We didn't accept it," Clift said while tending his liquor store on Friday evening. "We didn't come down here" when King arrived and spoke to store employees.

Clift itemized nearly $1,000 worth of damage, allegedly caused by King's entry.

"He tried to kill the power to the building," Clift said.

A window, neon lighting and part of the store's security system were damaged, he said.

"He tried to tear up the camera system by pouring beer in it," Clift said.

The store owner knows because, he says, he saw King doing so in an image captured by a security camera's recording unit. King did so while drinking beer, according to Clift.

As Clift explained what he saw in one of the security camera recordings, nine color prints were taped to a shelf behind the cash register counter. One photo shows a man Clift identified as King on the floor behind the register.

A camera is in plain view of customers at that counter.

The other eight photos are marked to indicate they show other people photographed by the security system. Those other people are identified as "caught." Some were caught with various sized bottles of alcoholic beverages, including Wild Turkey and Goldshlager. The photos are dated as early as April 8, 2006.

King was named in a statement from Lewisburg Police as the culprit in the market and eye clinic burglaries on Dec. 18.

King's bond was set at $16,000, police said. He is scheduled to appear in Marshall County General Sessions Court at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 22.