Quarrying definition rocks, rolls toward ok

Friday, January 11, 2008

Even though rocks are as old as the ages, Lewisburg still doesn't have an official definition of quarrying. But city councilmen have a hymnal, so to speak, with some verses over which they're ready to say grace.

The council unanimously voted Tuesday night to roll out their definition of rock quarry activities, but that was after a public hearing with a few questions on quarrying that may help hammer out a better ordinance.

"What the city did behind the Family Dollar store," Kent Davis asked, "could that be considered quarrying?"

"Good question," Mayor Bob Phillips said. "But we're not selling it. We're leveling it."

Council had purchased an old house on First Avenue North. The house was on land higher than the road and it's been leveled. City officials plan a parking lot there to overlook Rock Creek Park.

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