Water from Duck being diverted

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Tullahoma, send us your sewage!"

That's what a former engineer for the City of Shelbyville says people downstream on the Duck River should be saying. That's because Tullahoma is taking water from Normandy Reservoir and then pumping its treated waste water into the Elk River watershed instead of back into the Duck River watershed.

Fred Horn says there's a major leak in our water supply, and its name is the City of Tullahoma.

Horn worked on a number of engineering projects for the city, including drainage projects. He also contributed to the Tennessee Valley Authority's Final Program-matic Environmental Impact Statement from December 2000, entitled "Future Water Supply Needs in the Upper Duck River Basin."

The report evaluates the water needs of the upper Duck River watershed over a 50-year planning period, identifies potential ways to meet water needs and looks at the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of meeting those needs.

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