Lewisburg City Council debates the merits of merit pay raises

Friday, January 11, 2008

Discussion on merit pay raises continues to be a topic for Lewisburg City Council as members decided Tuesday they should have another full discussion on it during a session late this month.

"What other job do you get a guaranteed 5 percent increase every year?" Councilwoman Quinn Brandon asked a day after council agreed to explore her suggestion on the afternoon of Jan. 23.

Under Brandon's plan, two annual assessments of performance would be conducted so supervisors might award bonuses. Merit bonuses wouldn't affect an employee's base rate of pay or retirement, but they would restrict the growth of overtime pay rates, thereby saving money on payroll.

When Mayor Bob Phillips announced merit bonus pay as the next item on council's agenda for action during the monthly meeting Tuesday, Brandon said, "There are still some things to be worked out on that."

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