For Patsy Graves, there's a serious side to all the fun

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Graves encourages Nursing Tech Cathey Nelson to keep going during the Hula Hoop competition.

It is Elvis Day at Merihil.

Patients are laughing. Staff members are singing to "Jail House Rock." Occupational therapist Terese Hooks and nursing tech Cathey Nelson are starting the final round in the Hula Hoop contest.

But perhaps the most unusual thing of all is what's happening here isn't all that unusual. Unusual activities are so common at the National HealthCare Corporation's facility on Mooresville Highway, in fact, that no one raises so much as an eyebrow when Activity Director Patsy Graves passes out the Hula Hoops.

Graves has been supervising the fun here for the past 12 years. She is creative to say the least, but beyond the fun and games which help improve the quality of life for her patients, we find a person whose dedication to her job comes from the heart.

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