Beer and a burger? Not in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CHAPEL HILL -- The Board of Mayor and Aldermen here finalized its vote Monday to ban brown bagging but didn't vote for or against permitting beer service with meals at restaurants.

The brown bag ban was predictable, given a Dec. 10 vote against self-serve drinks and wine, but comments at the board meeting Monday indicate beer service won't be allowed because restaurants are so close to schools, day cares and churches.

There was a motion to approve a proposed ordinance written in response to a request from Sambo's Barbecue restaurant owner Tina Wesson. But without a second, there was no vote on the prospect of beer with meals at restaurant.

Brown bagging became part of town leaders' discussion in recent months as they considered Wesson's request. At one point some leaders didn't see brown bagging as a problem here because they didn't think it was happening. They found out otherwise.

See Wednesday's Tribune for the complete story.