Chapel Hill board votes to 'pay it forward'

Friday, January 18, 2008
Photo by Clint Confehr Chapel Hill Police Chief Jackie King, left, and Town Administrator Mike Hatten, right, stand behind the car their town received from Brentwood and are giving to Cornersville.

CHAPEL HILL -- A police cruiser received by this north Marshall County town from Brentwood in Williamson County is being donated to Cornersville following a vote by the town board here on Monday.

"It'll be a welcome supplement to our fleet," Cornersville Town Administrator Taylor Brandon said Tuesday. "With four patrol cars, we're about to sell one, we will still have four cars for our four officers."

Chapel Hill Town Administrator Mike Hatten advised his board of the proposed transfer of the donated car after Chapel Hill acquired another cruiser.

"We want to 'pay it forward,'" Hatten said with a reference to a recent movie of that title on doing favors, "and give it to Cornersville."

Mayor Carl Cooper replied, "I concur." The town board agreed unanimously.

"Cornersville has allowed us to use their sewer pump truck," Hatten noted.

Chapel Hill, Petersburg and the Hickman County Sheriff's Department received surplus police cars from Brentwood in late 2005, according to a policeman at the Brentwood Municipal Center.

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