Hole in one

Friday, January 18, 2008
Rick Ackley of Lewisburg had been playing golf about a year this past November when he did something that most golfers never do: he hit a hole in one. What's more, he hit the ball left-handed -- even though he normally plays right-handed. The once-in-a-lifetime shot came on the 168-yard seventh hole of the Marshall County Recreation Center course. 'I hit the green, but didn't think anything about it. I really couldn't see the ball,' Ackley recalls. 'Then when I got up to the green I couldn't find it. I thought it had run off into the rough. The last place I looked was in the hole.' Ackley, left, is pictured here with Ken Tyson of Ken's Guns and More, one of his two playing partners that day. Rounding out the trio was Tom Spinks.