Teachers to get $750 pay raise

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Marshall County teachers and school administrators will be getting more pay and better benefits following a vote by the board of education.

"We gave a $750 across the board raise to all professional employees because they had not had a raise in several years from the local," said Nancy Aldridge, interim director of schools here. "They had a raise from the state portion."

Almost all county school budgets are funded mostly by the state with the second largest portion coming from local tax revenue. Federal funding is typically third.

School board member Randy Perryman moved for the flat raise during the board's Jan. 10 meeting when board member Kristin Gold made the motion to increase the county's funding of teachers' health insurance premiums.

The total cost of the pay raises and the additional cost for health insurance is estimated at $401,000. The schools budget totals $33 million.

See Wednesday's Tribune for the complete story.