African missionary seeks assistance with ministry

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Photo by Karen Hall Pastor Gregory Alexander of Detroit and Wachira Ngamau of Kenya at the home of Dr. Larry Thomas, their host in Lewisburg.

Dr. Larry Thomas met Wachira Ngamau at a Bible camp in Knoxville. Since then their friendship has grown and the Thomas family has made several trips to Africa. Now it is their turn to play host to Ngamau, his American wife Glenda, and their three children.

The Ngamaus are in the United States for six weeks to let Glenda's parents visit with their daughter and grandchildren (Glenda hasn't been home for Christmas in five years); to make contact with the churches and individuals that have supported them so far; and, most important, to pick up new churches and individuals to join in the work.

Ngamau founded PACE (Pan African Christian Exchange) in 1989. He attended college here, earning a B.A. in pastoral studies and an M.A. in missions. He could have stayed here, but says, "After I finished school I saw the need to go back home and establish the things I saw were necessary to sustaining a community."

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