It's that Girl Scout Cookie time of year again

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Girl Scout cookie time again! Just in time to challenge your New Year's resolution to eat fewer sweets or your Lenten vow to give up cookies until Easter.

But Girl Scout cookies are much more than an indulgence for you and your family. Their sales raise funds for Girl Scout programs, and the money raised stays in the area to benefit the local girl scouts who sold you the cookies. The annual cookie sales are also a wonderful education for the girls.

Agenia Clark, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee president and Chief Executive Officer, explained, "Each and every year I know we are training girls to achieve their dreams. They may become the CEO of a major corporation, an entrepreneur or a politician. Whatever their futures hold, we are equipping them with tools to achieve future success. How many delicious products can you buy that offer character building, teamwork and leadership opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow?"

See Wednesday's Tribune for the complete story.