County to plug leaking clock towers

Friday, February 15, 2008

Marshall County commissioners are preparing to budget money to repair their historic courthouse on Lewisburg's public square because it's still leaking.

Rain is leaking through the clock towers on the roof, according to Chuck Maloney, a Lewis County contractor brought in to examine the building. He reported to the commissioners during their informational meeting last week.

A couple of days ago, Marshall County Chancery Court Clerk and Master Tommy Higdon recalled that the courthouse renovation in 1999 included a treatment that is now recommended by Malony. It's in addition to sealing places where the clock towers are seated on the roof.

Another elastic coating would be applied to the walls that aren't brick-faced, according to Maloney. He says the building constantly expands and contracts and that kind of sealant would help stop leaks.

Meanwhile, the handicap access entryway does not meet federal standards, Maloney reported.

See Friday's Tribune for the complete story.