Jury here to consider attempted murder case

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Marshall County Circuit Court jury was expected to consider an attempted murder charge today against a man who moved here from Illinois and is accused of beating a woman so badly that she needed a hip replacement.

Jury selection was set to begin yesterday morning for the trial of John Patrick Vigneau, 37, of 2151 Finley Beech Road.

He was indicted Aug. 22 and charged by Sheriff's Capt. Norman Dalton in the beating of Jacqueline Allen on May 8.

Allen was taken to Bedford County Medical Center and then to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, according to court records. She suffered blows to her head resulting in broken facial bones and was beaten about her hips.

Assistant District Attorney Eddie Barnard was scheduled to prosecute Vigneau.

Dalton had asked Vigneau if he'd met Allen and Vincent Vigneau at a restaurant in Petersburg, where the suspect had allegedly "been causing trouble" before Allen was injured, according to information entered into the record by Barnard.

The defendant reportedly replied that he "had not been to no restaurant." Furthermore, he alleged Allen and her friend had stolen his cars and the Sheriff's Department wouldn't do anything about it. Dalton noted that he'd not asked anything about cars.

Court records also allege that Vigneau denied beating Allen and denied telling her to tell her doctor that her injuries were because she fell off a bridge.

Bill Haywood is Vigneau's defense attorney.

While opening arguments were anticipated at midday yesterday, court officials said they thought the case might continue today. Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler was scheduled to preside over the trial.