Bad Title, Good Music, Wonderful Show

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Above, the corrupt policemen dance in the aptly named 'Cop Song.' Officer Lockstock (Evan Dumser) and Officer Barrel (Nathan Dumser), lead the group.

That name.

The opening night curtain has not yet gone up on the Dixie Theatre's spring production and already it's got Marshall County residents talking and scratching their heads.

For weeks now passers-by and motorists on the square have wondered if maybe a word might have been misspelled or if perhaps a letter or two had been left off the theater marquee. Could they really be putting on a play called Urinetown? Here? In Lewisburg?

Popular local director David Sanders has heard the talk too. And, no, there is no misspelling. And, yes, they really are putting on a play called Urinetown.

And, he promises, you're going to love it.

On the surface it's the classic battle between big business and the average man. On a more complex level it demonstrates the ecological devastation that comes from overpopulation.

Most people will just enjoy Urinetown, the musical, because it's very funny and filled with huge choral numbers. Sanders says he chose Urinetown for the Dixie Theatre's spring production for one particular reason.

"It's the music," he confides. "I went crazy over that music, and it's got all the elements of a great Broadway musical. It's got a message that's very...get a copy of February 20 paper for the rest of the story.