Exercise teaches 'compassion for others'

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
The girls are staying in Tamra McCulloch's backyard, but they stopped by for a worship service at Steve and Patty Fleet's house. From left are Audra Mobley, Katie Warner, Sarah Mackenzie, Lauren French, Rose Osborn, Jana Blunkall, Sam Estes, Shawn Griffin, and Jon Fleet.

The temperature is falling as the night wears on and by morning it's below freezing. Several young men are sleeping in boxes outside, exposed to misting rain.

It is a very teachable moment.

This is not a new homeless community in Chapel Hill. It's a church group with a new project.

Twenty teenagers affiliated with Grace Church Ministries want to do more than sympathize with homeless children. This is "walking a mile in the other person's shoes" taken to a new level. In addition to the primitive sleeping arrangements, they haven't eaten all day. Their fast will be broken after 30 hours.

Youth Minister Steve Fleet explains the 30-hour famine.

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