Curtis named new director of schools

Friday, February 29, 2008

The observers' seats in the boardroom at Central Office were nearly all full when the School Board met Tuesday, February 26. There was a little discussion about next year's budget, the bidding process for contractors, and job descriptions, but what everyone was clearly waiting for was the vote on who to choose as Director of Schools.

Each of the two candidates spent a day in the county last week, touring the schools and having a final interview with the Board.

Everyone had a chance to meet them and observe them interacting with parents, teachers and students, as well as ask lots of questions. The tour of schools took longer than expected because meetings at all the schools were so lively and interesting.

Chairman Tim Harrison made a motion that board members vote for the man of their choice on a signed paper ballot. He read out board members' names and who they had voted for. Ann Tears was the lone vote for Spurgeon Banyard. The remaining eight all picked Stan Curtis.

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