Rock 'n' roll quarry action

Friday, February 29, 2008
Marshall County Stone had its driveway paved this week, above, as loads of rock continued to be hauled out on big dump trucks that had to be weighed, right. Meanwhile, the locally-owned business has a wheel washer, lower left, to spray water on trucks tires and wheels so they won't track mud, gravel and rocks onto State Route 99. MC Stone has half a dozen products which are differently sized stones. The rocks are crushed into differently sized stones, lower right. The paved driveway helps the wheel washer maintain wheels as clean as they can be. The road and wheel washer are required by the county Board of Zoning Appeals. Trucks are to drive between the two curbs displayed in the photo at lower left. Water is to be pumped through spraying devices that are built into the curbs.