Why JECDB head is important here

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Town and county leaders have been looking for ways to streamline economic development efforts which, in some sense, has been an attempt to better react to circumstances such as the loss of jobs since ICP and other plants reduced employment, or shut down.

The next executive director of the countywide Joint Economic and Community Development Board would be paid nearly $40,000. Beyond a responsibility to enhance local employment, the employee of the towns and county has had an obligation to deal with the state's Three Star Program.

Communities with a high rating from that program are eligible for more favorable matching grants and may be more competitive for such funding.

Some town leaders have said that allows them to use more state and federal funds and fewer municipal dollars.

Municipalities here generally appropriate funds for the JECDB budget from their general revenues, which is mostly revenue from property and sales taxes. Marshall County generally has money raised from the hotel-motel tax on rented rooms and that's been used to fund community development projects.

General funds are also available from sales an property taxes.