Council to reconsider police board bylaws

Friday, March 7, 2008

A revised set of bylaws for Lewisburg's Police Advisory Board has been drafted by the city manager for the City Council's consideration Tuesday night.

What City Manager Eddie Fuller has prepared stems from discussion among councilmen and the mayor after a special called meeting on the afternoon of Feb. 26.

Councilmen were asked about whether parts of the bylaws are contrary to provisions of the city's charter. Police Advisory Board bylaws state that the panel is to "approve hiring, firing, promotions and demotions" of police department employees.

"That's what it says, but that's not the intent," Councilman Robin Minor said of the apparent conflict with the charter.

Lewisburg's City Charter assigns personnel duties to the city manager.

"If they need to be adjusted, they will be," Mayor Bob Phillips said.

Later Phillips suggested a change to state that the board might consider instead of approve personnel changes.

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