Community Theatre's 'clean entertainment' deserves attendance

Thursday, March 13, 2008
The entire cast of Marshall County Community Theatre's production of 'Urinetown, the Musical' joins in the Act One finale.

Once you get past the potty jokes, the Marshall County Community Theatre's presentation of "Urinetown" is good clean entertainment.

It was clear on Saturday night that a lot of the laughs came from people recognizing friends behaving in a way they'd never behave otherwise. But with a role to play, they had fun and it's infectious.

That's what makes community theater fun.

Too often, though, the repertoire consists of time-worn, albeit good shows that have drawn crowds of people who'd said good by to Birdie several times already but went anyway because their sister's kid was in the show. It's the safe way to get a crowd.

"Urinetown" ain't that kind of show. It makes demands on its audience from the git-go.

But you ought to go before it finishes its run this Sunday.

Community Theater patrons across Middle Tennessee ought to know several things about this show.

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