School board pleased at process

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"I think it was handled real well," said Marshall County School Board member Randy Perryman, referring to the recently completed selection process for the Director of Schools position.

"We got a lot of good feedback," Perryman said. The only criticism Perryman had was that he would have liked to see some local candidates included in the short list.

"The taxpayers have the right to transparency," agreed School Board member Craig Michael.

Michael said the board had to earn the trust and respect of the citizens of Marshall County, and the best way to do this was put everything in the open. He said that the energy and involvement they encountered when visiting the schools with the candidates was simply incredible. After the visits he said most of the board members received valuable input on the candidates from many different perspectives.

Both Stan Curtis and Spurgeon Banyard were very complimentary about the selection process and the obvious effort the board had put in to make it as fair and inclusive as possible.

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