Successor sought for Cedar Ridge landfill

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where will the new landfill be located? The Marshall County rumor mill has kicked into high gear trying to answer that question.

Managers of Cedar Ridge Landfill on Mooresville Highway are looking for other places in Marshall County where another landfill might be located following a request from county commissioners.

Company officials and county leaders last week confirmed that Waste Management Inc. has been searching for suitable land. Both sources pointed to minutes of the county's Solid Waste Committee meeting held three months ago.

Early this month, the Tribune began receiving a crush of recurring calls, letters and other news tips. One rumor has it that County Commissioner Sam Smith is going to sell his farm in south Marshall County near Cornersville to Waste Management Inc. Smith was asked about that directly and responded in a fashion that's typical of the man who recently stepped down from his position as chairman of the County Commission. He cited family reasons for resigning as chairman.

See Wednesday's Tribune for the complete story.