Landfill rumors dominate Cornersville BOMA meeting

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rumors of interesting things happening in Cornersville brought Bob Smart of WAXO to the meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Thursday, March 6.

Only one of the two hot topics was mentioned during the meeting itself: a donation to the police department that is being spent on leasing two new cars. Seth Warf, who grew up in Cornersville and still farms there, asked who the donation came from, how much it was, and what it was for.

City Manager Taylor Brandon answered that it was $50,000 from David Smith for Cornersville police salaries and equipment. Warf asked if the donor had some expectations of services to be provided or any return on his gift. Brandon said, "No, there are no strings attached."

Brandon stated that in his opinion the donation was possibly a way for a wealthy individual to get a tax deduction. (The Town of Cornersville is a non-profit organization.) Or possibly it was just Smith's way of ingratiating himself to the community.

See Wednesday's Tribune for the complete story.