Jail seeks solution for aging computers

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Members of the Marshall County Commission's Law Enforcement Committee have agreed that the Sheriff's Department needs better computer equipment and software at that office and the jail.

Days before a computer glitch resulted in the misidentification of a suspect in a countywide drug sweep, Sheriff Les Helton reported on the nature of commissioners' discussion during their meeting at his office on March 3. Commissioners agreed something needed to be done, Helton said. They just wanted more information, he said.

A few days later, Jail Administrator Sam Bragg was explaining that a software company was supposed to be readjusting a camera setting for the quality of inmates' booking photos, although that and other issues have yet to be resolved.

One of the other issues is how to deal with typographical errors. One technical assistance employee with the software company suggested deleting errant files and creating a new file, Bragg said. The problem with that, Bragg pointed out, is that it's illegal in to erase such records in Tennessee. The software company is based in Georgia.

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