Haislip gives back to Alma Mater

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Marcus Haislip goes high for a slam dunk in the Euro basketball League.

During a fundraising call-in show at WAXO radio and television last Thursday, host Troy Cashion got a big surprise when former Marshall County High School standout basketball player Marcus Haislip called in from Spain and offered to pay for the rings and jackets to commemorate the state championship just won by the Tigerettes on March 8.

WAXO's Bob Smartt said, "It was about nine a.m., just after we had raised about $1,000 when I was asked to come to the microphone. It took me off guard at first, I thought it was my buddy Curtis Johnson messing with me again. When I realized it was Marcus, I was blown away."

According to Smartt, Haislip said, "I am awful proud of what the girl's did and do not want them to worry about the rings and jackets and will take care of it."

"We are all just so glad he was able to do that", Smartt went on to say. "It made all of us feel good and I am sure it made Marcus feel good too."

"That was a prime example of what sports can do to mold character in Marshall County".

The donation of approximately $8,000 is the largest single donation in the twenty-seven years of WAXO's history of on-air fundraisers which have raised well over $300,000 in that time span.

Haislip, a 1998 MCHS grad was the thirteenth pick in the 2002 NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks after his junior year at the University of Tennessee. Haislip, 6' 10" and 230 lbs. played a little over three seasons in the NBA before traveling overseas to play. He is currently playing for team Unicaja Malaga in the Euro Basketball League.