Normandy water level rises more than a foot

Friday, March 21, 2008

While just under an inch of rain fell at Normandy Reservoir last weekend, the level of the lake is up nearly a foot and a half compared to the same time last week.

According to figures reported by the Tennessee Valley Authority's web site on Monday, the lake's elevation was 860.15 feet above sea level, with water flowing out of the lake at a rate of 42 cubic feet per second (cfs).

The level at the same time a week earlier was 858.66 feet, which means the level is up 1.49 feet. TVA estimates put the inflow Monday at 370 cfs, and the level of the lake was expected to reach 860.70 feet on Wednesday.

Even with that rain, and more this week, the level of the lake is still far below where it should be. According to Normandy's operating guide, the lake should be around a level of 866 feet at this time of year.

According to data supplied by TVA, only a total of 7.45 inches of rain have fallen at Normandy Lake since the first of the year: A total of 1.84 inches in January, 3.30 inches in February and 2.31 in the first 16 days of March.

Last week, Doug Murphy of the Tennessee Duck River Agency told regional officials that Normandy Lake is now rising but is still far lower than they would like it to be.

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