How to build a band

Friday, March 21, 2008
Band members catch a last minute practice before their spring concert.

They turned the band room into a yard sale for two weekends. Students stood on the square and asked passing motorists for money. For months they've been raising funds, and now the Marshall County High School Band is finally going on a road trip!

According to band director Elizabeth Gray, this will be the first trip of its kind for band members. To understand why these students have never experienced the type of activity that is routine for many bands, consider their recent history.

To say the least, this band has not had stable leadership. In point of fact, the MCHS band has had 7 band directors in the last 8 years. To put that in terms that might be more familiar, try to imagine that situation with a high school football team.

Even the new band director agrees that consistency is the key to building this band. So do parents and students.

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