City eyes $2 pass for goat festival

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lewisburg officials are thinking about charging $2 for an all-day pass at this year's Goats, Music and More Festival, although the idea didn't get far enough for a vote during the City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The proposed fee for anyone over age 10 would offset city costs for the festival in October, according to discussion raised by Mayor Bob Phillips because it had been one of several topics scheduled for the special called session.

The fee would cover all day, Phillips said. Councilman Robin Minor said a plastic wristband could be used.

However, there was general agreement that stopping "cheaters" would be difficult and even then, the city would still be offsetting costs. The actual cost of the festival was not the focus of the discussion.

Daytime activities might best be open at no charge, Councilman Phil Sanders said, adding that the fee should be for the evening entertainment.

"There's something going on all day," Councilwoman Quinn Brandon said. "I don't think $2 would drive anybody away."

As there seemed to be consensus on the point, discussion turned to the fees charged to place a booth at the festival for the sale of food, crafts and other items.

Vendors have paid $70 for a location, officials said. It's proposed to raise that to $150 for the food vendors and $100 for others. There have been 140 booths. The price is lower than other area fairs, Minor said.

No vote was taken on the idea of charging a fee. The discussion appears headed back to the festival committee.