Tigerettes exemplify teamwork

Friday, March 28, 2008

To the Editor:

A team can be defined as a group of players who play hard, with determination, who sacrifice, and who persevere to the end.

A team player is one who is willing to recognize that there is no I in team and that TEAM equals Teamwork, Effort, Attitude and Motivation. The Marshall County Tigerettes exemplify what a team and a team player should be.

There has been a lot of talk and confusion as to who should get a championship jacket and a championship ring. At the beginning of the season, there were no tryouts, so there were 20 girls. There were only 14 uniforms. Therefore, only the 14 upperclassmen girls played on varsity.

The freshmen knew this and they played junior varsity games. They did practice with the team because practice time is included on their school schedule. As a courtesy, they were allowed to travel with the team and they ate both at home and at away games and were treated with respect.

They will receive a $200 jacket, but to say that they deserve a ring is misleading. They did not play in the regular searson as varsity or in any varsity games.

TSSAA regulates the number of players that a team may take to the State. The State Championship team is made up of the same group of young ladies who were State runner-ups last year. They came back this season focused on winning the gold. They have paid their dues.

The championship ring will always be special because they earned it, by playing and defeating three of the toughest teams in AA, to have the honor of placing that ring on their finger.

Speaking as a parent, I believe that hard work deserves recognition. Speaking as the Tiger Hoops Booster Club president, the cost of getting everyone a jacket and a ring would have cost a lot of money.

We were trying to raise money, but thankfully we had a very generous donation. We didn't get a blank check as some people believe, to be written for however much money we wanted.

A check was made out to the amount that was needed to offset money that had been already raised. Marcus Haislip, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As for the 1980 champion team, there were no freshmen at MCHS during that time. They attended Connelly Middle School as ninth-graders.

Please don't diminish the recognition and glory that the 2008 AA State champions deserve. Anyone who didn't get a ring, you have three more years to get one. Keep your eyes on the prize, hopefully your time will come.

We are very proud of the 2008 State Champion Tigerettes. You set your goals as a team and you achieved them. Thanks for letting us, your faithful fans, along for the fabulous ride. It was the ride of a lifetime.

Shawn Gilbert


Tiger Hoops Booster Club